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More than 700 victims were identified in Operation Sanctuary and 108 in the smaller Operation Shelter, Newcastle City Council said.The scale of abuse uncovered, and the fact one of the victims was in local authority care, has prompted a serious case review that will report in December on “what lessons can be learned and how to improve safeguarding”.He was recruited as part of grooming investigation Operation Shelter, which was part of a wider investigation into sexual exploitation called Operation Sanctuary.“It beggars belief that it would ever have been considered, let alone approved, and serious questions must be asked about the force’s approach to child sexual exploitation operations,” he added.Judge Penny Moreland turned down an application to have cases against some defendants thrown out over the alleged abuse of process.But she rejected XY’s evidence in its entirety, telling the court: “I do not regard myself as bound to act on evidence which is so inherently unreliable, so lacking in credibility and in my view so clearly dishonest.” XY admitted attending the “parties” but said he left early and Judge Moreland found no evidence that he was guilty of any sexual misconduct towards any complainants.The men, mostly aged in their 30s and 40s and from Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi backgrounds, were found guilty of offences including rape, sexual assaults, drug crimes and trafficking for sexual exploitation at a series of trials at Newcastle Crown Court.

Courts heard girls were groomed by men who gave them cannabis, alcohol and speed-like mephedrone at parties, then encouraged into having sex.

“I have tried to think of convictions that make him less suitable to act as a Covert Human Intelligence Source in an operation of this sort ... XY was later arrested in September 2015 on suspicion of inciting sexual activity with a child after a teenage girl claimed a man approached her and made an indecent proposition, but was told he would face no action.

David Hislop QC, representing a defendant, said XY had 13 previous convictions, including 26 offences of dishonesty.

XY claimed he “believed he was doing good” and “enjoyed it”, saying he was handed a list of suspects of Asian descent by the police.

He said he was given money and promised “texts” to gain a more lenient sentence if he came before the court in exchange for the information, which he said was partly gained by listening in on private legal meetings between defendants and their lawyers.

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