Speedstream 5200 e242 firmware updating dating who calls who

If you want to share your ADSL connection with your network, you will have to leave a computer on all the time (or buy a router).

Has problems reaching certain sites, and some servers on are slow as hell (200 down, 100 up) until I reboot the modem (2500 down, 250 up after reboot). 1) Call Sympatico and ***** at them until they pass me through the 1st level techs and onto a 2nd level, to see if he can help me diagnose and possibly send a replacement model?

Note that this upgrade only works in modems with part number E240.

You will have to see if the serial number of your modem is something like XXX-E240-XXX.

If you want to go with option 3, I have Speed Touch modems for a good price. They will attempt to find you online and you will not be there.

Then they will send via Purolator a modem for next day delivery. So I think the Speedstream 5200 I am leasing from Sympatico is having problems..

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Tell them that your modem is dead and there is no power. Fortunately, Bell is practically out of these mdoems.

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