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Your hard-on lasts much, much more than four hours!Tegan invites Sergeant over with nothing but the motion of his tongue running across his bearded lips.

Rikk gets railed deep and then realizes he still has a boner to reduce.ALEKS hangs on for dear life while RAY-THE-STALLION doesn’t just mouth-fuck him, he mind-fucks him, jibber-jabbering his wildman sex talk non-stop.It’s all topped off with a major jizz-dump down the boy’s gullet. I've been in bars like these, though these days the ones in the US aren't nearly as "festive" as the ones in Europe, if you go by this video.The taste of Sergeant on his tongue is all it takes for Tegan to polish the floor with his jizz.Hunky Rikk York can barely keep his eyes open while working at the 24-hour convenience store.

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