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We check the value entered in the Text Box using args. Especially the following events are important for validation point of view.Out of these events Row Updating and Row Deleting are possibly the most common ones.Just like we attached the Required Field Validator control to the Text Box, attach a Custom Validator to the Contact Name column. If you run the web form and try entering wrong value in the Contact Name column then you will see the error message displayed as before and the value will not be accepted by the Grid View control.Set the Control To Validate and Error message properties to the appropriate values. Up till now we used the validation controls to validate Grid View input on client and server side.You can not attach validation controls directly to these Text Boxes.

The Grid View Update Event Args class has three important collections - Old Values, New Values and Keys.Now from the smart tag of the Grid View choose "Edit Template" and then select "Edit Item Template" of Company Name column.This will display the template designer for the column as shown in Figure 6.Double click on the Custom Validator control to go into the Server Validate event handler and write the following code in it. However, at times you many need more control and flexibility than that is provided by validation controls.Here, our validation criteria is that the entered name must not contain title of courtesy (Mr./Mrs./Ms.). That is when you can handle certain events of Grid View control.

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I have tried to add an event handler to the Row Updated event of my custom control but it is not called.

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