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She receives a phone call from Lloyd, telling her that his friend could not make the date.

The reason is not stated on screen, but Alice, clearly shaken, picks up the torn photograph and reassembles it, it is a photo of Gil.

The theme tune to Love Soup is "Alley Boogie" by jazz singer Georgia White.

The first series was released on DVD in the UK on 3 December 2007.

They like the same things, respect the same things, and share the same beliefs.

The only problem is that they are completely unaware of each other's existence.

She does have some family members (at least one cousin), but her parents, Arthur and Grace, are both dead.

Gil toys with his Love Soup idea where Britain is run by tabloid newspapers, and gets in a tricky situation at a dinner party at Irene's.

It is a series of six romantic comedies called Love Soup and he has been asked to write one of them.

Things started badly for Gil when he arrived at his house (15 Carpenters Lane, Larch End), and discovered his girlfriend was seeing another man as soon as they arrived in the country.

Gil is forced to watch a rather poor all-woman version of Waiting for Godot, and is then asked on a dinner date by a rather sexy actress.

Alice bumps into an old friend, but later regrets their reunion, whilst Milly is blissfully unaware that her new boyfriend looks almost exactly like Jesus Christ. Alice finds herself the centre of attraction from the man living in flat number 12, and is asked to sign a petition to get a "Talking gravestone" removed.

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Alice becomes worried about her security after she discovers her estate agent has been doing her washing in her flat.

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