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But, when she is sent to Brat Camp, she is finally able to admit her rape and recovers almost entirely before her departure for Kenya.Her younger sister, Clare Edwards and stepbrother Jake Martin have graduated from Degrassi.Darcy was best friends with Jane Vaughn and Manny Santos, and good friends with Emma Nelson and Chantay Black. Darcy entered Degrassi as a sweet and innocent girl who was best known for her association with Degrassi's Christian group, known as the Friendship Club.

Darcy breaks up with Spinner, but asks him to take her back afterwards, and he accepts.Darcy reads his texts and finds out, so she breaks up with him.As Darcy boards the bus to go to Bible Camp, he asks for forgiveness.She tells him what Jay said, and enraged, he beats Jay up and cuts him out of his life.In I Against I, Marco begins a safe sex campaign, The Friendship Club opposes it.

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In Season 7, Darcy was shown to have many issues that had developed around her rape, which caused her to become almost mentally unstable and show a darker, more rebellious side than what was shown before.

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