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Rob Forehand of Action Auto Collision for the following certificates to......

Home Depot, Kohl's, Amazon, Red Robin, Schlotzky's, i Tunes, Quik Trip & Johnny Carinos While not in attendance Saturday night, the AMERI-FLEX / OCRS series also wishes to thank the following sponsors in addition to those previously mentioned: David Grace of Carter-Maxwell Bob Hurley Ford A-1 Machine Shop Car & Fleet Parts Wesmar Racing Engines M&W Aluminum Products Maxwell Oil Rod End Supply Schoenfeld Headers Brodix Maxim Racing H&R Block and all of our various "Lap Sponsors" that supported our series on the special lap sponsored programs.

And it just happened to sound sexual, partly because of the masturbating, and partly because Prince could write a song about fence posts and it would have sounded sexual. what if this isn't about a girl at all, but about Nikki Sixx?

Guys are more apt to be masturbating with a magazine, grinding is also something you do with a bass guitar, and at the time "Darling Nikki" was written, Nikki certainly could have had everything that money could buy. They were both hitting their peak fame in 1984, both a little (or a lot) into the drug and sex scene.

Some of the special attendees of note were: Corvan Robison and Jen Whorton of Ameri-Flex Hose & Accessories Bryce Hall of the Salina Highbanks Speedway Randy Gass of the Thunderbird Speedway Pat Grady of Amsoil Rick & Rita Whitehead of Drive Shafts Inc.

Rob Forehand of Action Auto Collision Corvan Robison received a special gratitude award on behalf of Grand National Trailer for their gracious support in 2017 and Zach Chappell did the same for another major sponsor, Truck Lungs.

Perry also auctioned off a beautiful 24" x 36" canvas portrait of a sprint car with the American flag as the back drop. Perry is looking forward to his future education as a professional graphic arts designer.

He could have been masturbating to Claudia Schiffer, for all we knew, and that he, the masturbator, was the sex fiend(if to assume the masturbation route). The Nikki Six theory is an interesting one, though. ) masturbating to a magazine..." and the "..Nikki started to cry" is not referring to tears, but to the outcome...which is essentially ejaculating on the magazine.

I just wonder who asked whom to sign his name on the dotted line.

Sounds more like something the notoriously private Prince would ask. The 1999 album was no where near the beginning of Prince's sexuality... Prince busted out of the gate with sexually charged content.

Carson, a member of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, was on hand and was provided a second plaque by the Dean's for his connection to Waddell's tribute car.

Additional awards presented were: Spirit of the Year: Johnny Kent Newcomer of the Year: Joe Bob Lee Perseverance of the Year: Robert Sellers Hardest Charger of the Year: Sheldon Barksdale Most Improved Driver: Shane Sellers Mechanic of the Year: Rob Forehand Joey Perry of Joey Perry Arts presented a hand drawn portrait Chappell's car to Zach Chappell for his championship.

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