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It is 9.5" tall, has a crudely applied "oil" finish or lip, a distinctly iron pontiled base (click on the image to see a larger version), and dates from the 1850s most likely.This example is essentially "attic" mint having no evidence whatsoever of being buried, i.e., no staining, no chips, or cracks..a little wear on the base from having sat somewhere for 150 years.Like a lot of figural bitters and other "catch-the-eye" type bottles (brilliant early marketing!

The information claiming this chemical leakage stemmed from a University of Idaho student’s masters thesis. The FDA does note that reusing plastic water bottles without washing them could possibly harbor some bacteria. The myth has been busted, but do keep in mind that new and existing research is constantly under review.

In the experiment, bottles of champagne were stored at 6, 12 and 20 degrees Celsius.

The team found that temperature played a bigger role in the condensation of the vapors than they’d previously thought, and it also impacted the way the clouds formed when released from the bottles.

Bottles stored at 20 degrees Celsius ended up losing the customary white-grey cloud as it was replaced with transient blue fog.

The researchers speculated that this reaction was caused by clusters of ice water that gathered after adiabatic expansion occurred in the bottles stored at warmer temperatures.

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"Pineapple Bitters" - These familiar shaped bottles are very popular with collectors for obvious reasons and this is an exceptional example. The base has a large (1.5" in diameter) and quite distinct pontil scar - a circular "disk" pontil scar which is an unusual pontil style for these bottles..unusual on American manufactured bottles for that matter.

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