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The opportunity to a bright future dwindles down with such a high responsibility; a child.Many teens who end up pregnant do not finish high school and are less likely even consider going to college.[tags: teen mom, pregnancy, parenthood] - There are many obstacles for children of teenage mothers to face.These children have serious disadvantages in contrast to those children who come from nuclear families.There’s no wonder why so many kids in the United States dislike school.Who wants to go to a place where your peers constantly judge you.

There are serious consequences for teen pregnancy for the child as well as for the mother.

Another effect of teen pregnancy is that both mother and child become apt to health issues....

[tags: birth, child, mother, future] - The teenage pregnancy rate has declined at a steady rate since the 1990’s, however it still remains the highest of any developed country in the world.

Often they lack a father figure, have a high poverty rate, and there are incidents of depression and mental health problems.

Many people are blaming the sex education programs in schools and the additional federal aid being offered to single parents as major causes for the country’s high rate of teen pregnancies (Carole).

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