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They are not just producers for hire – rather they are producers who look for and develop scripts, attach talent to projects, raise finance and risk their own money in films that they believe in.

Missing from the list are companies that are owned by broadcasters (like Film Four and BBC Films) as well as outfits that are predominantly distributors (Lionsgate, Pathe) or financiers (Prescience, Cinema NX). We’ve chosen to list them alphabetically, but if we did try to rank them, it’s clear that Working Title would sit at the very top of the list.

The UK’s talent pool – so evident as you scan the lists of top directors, producers, Do Ps, vfx houses and studios in this film special – provides a solid base to make acclaimed UK films and reassures Hollywood that its big budget shoots are in good hands here.The British film industry is currently enjoying the best of times and the worst of times.Home grown hits such as employing thousands of crew.The jackpot pays out more, but the chances of hitting it are getting less.” The UK does have, however, several factors in its favour that increase its chances of hitting this global jackpot.In particular, the UK has benefited from the existence of a stable and easily understood film tax credit system that can deliver up to 20% of budgets.

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