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90) from Ephesus by none other than the Apostle John.

The intended audience is not exactly clear; however, the lack of personal references suggests that it was written to Christians all across Asia Minor.

The overall purpose of such exegesis is not to prove genuineness although the author would concede to such a conclusion.

Rather, the evidence will show that a case for authenticity deserves a hearing as much, if not more than a case for spuriousness.

Secondly, it is dedicated to the many men, women, and children who gave their lives that I might have the Bible in English, a privilege which I do not take for granted.

Thank-you for your sacrifice and may the Lord reward you richly in His kingdom.

After all, the burden of proof lies with the accuser whose responsibility it is to prove that the text is an emendation.Because it is one of those few passages included in the Textus Receptus which has a weak attestation from Greek manuscripts, many a student has paced his study for hours struggling with the question as to whether or not the Comma is a legitimate part of the Holy Scriptures.The hasty dismissal of this passage in most modern versions of the Bible is largely due to the fact that it is only found in eight of the five hundred Greek manuscripts that witness to the fifth chapter of I John.John Ebrard writes: It [I John] bears the stamp of a preface or dedicatory epistle.The Apostle addresses himself to specific readers, and holds communion, person to person, with them, in that we mark the essence of the epistle; but he does this on occasion of another communication, to which this is attached, and to which it refers; and therefore, in its form, it is no epistle, no simple and direct substitute of oral speech, but an address uttered on occasion of the reading of another and different communication.

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