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If you want to row, it owns the 2,000m lake on which the 2012 Olympic rowing regatta will be held.Above all, it instills the confidence that there is no aspiration so great that an Etonian cannot fulfil it. I soon discovered that James Bond was created by an Old Etonian. I dreamed of following in the footsteps of Fleming, Orwell and Huxley.Fifty years ago, bright, working-class children could get something close to an Eton education for free.

So it's 'school' because, to Old Etonians, there is only one that counts.

But, above all, I think, Etonians owe a massive debt of gratitude to Tony Blair. Bear Grylls, 34: ex-SAS man now famous as a TV explorer and adventurer.

His underlings may have been rabid egalitarians, but Blair was patently public school. Bamber Gascoigne, 74: the face of the old University Challenge and 'starter for 10'.

The Tory Party produced three successive state-educated PMs in Heath, Thatcher and Major.

High finance exchanged the gentleman's club and the old school tie for international meritocracy.

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It begins with the standard of teaching, and the level of expectation imposed on the 1,300 boys by their 135 teachers or 'beaks'. Any drop in standards results in a summons to your housemaster.

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