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It was a small training consultancy that involved working from home preparing the material and delivering that at clients' premises or hotels around the UK. I had sent him a selfie, well before they were called that, so he knew what I looked like as I did him. Those years and the year or so I waited for the divorce to come through were interesting times. I got a new car and I resurrected my business that I had handed over to a friend to run.Don't get me wrong, it was not a daily occurrence, but then I do not think that during those few moths I ever went a week without 'having a fix.' Inevitably, I suppose, gradually I went further and I pushed out the boundaries.Occasionally I would initiate something with a throwaway remark and now and then I would give in very easily and would 'fuck on the first date.' I got into role-plays and described giving blow-jobs, having them cum on my face or tits and of course being fucked in most positions. I found topics that would be unthinkable to talk about in reality were relatively openly discussed. Mark like several others when I told them I wore glasses, told me he found that sexy; I had no idea why! Although during the couple of years before my marriage breakdown I had experienced a few of my 'revenge fucks' and Bruce had persuaded me to let him join us in a small swinging circle, with him now out of the picture my sex life became quite Spartan. Levels of familiarity quickly turned to a sort of friendship that rapidly became quite intimate. "And that means Anna, I can ask your breast size and what types of panty you prefer lol" He typed. "Yes lol, 35 D and a thong or boy shorts." At his request I also told him that I was 5' 6" tall, weighed 137 pounds, had dirty-blonde hair that I wore down to my shoulders and was quite spiky. "Because at nearly fifty it is still pert and firm." I guess I was on dodgy ground and maybe I was setting myself up for what came next. " "Yes, I adore stroking them, squeezing them and kissing them." I suppose if I was not up for it, I should have stopped there and changed the subject as I had several times with him in the past few weeks. During my marriage, other than when we had phone sex when he was away or when I masturbated as he watched, I had pretty much given it up.I went into the main room of my, fairly large, apartment overlooking the Thames. Everything was ready; all that was needed was in place; I was prepared, emotionally and physically.

" "Holding my breast." He asked me what I was wearing and I told him. " was the next killer question that I suppose I should have evaded, but I didn't. As part of the settlement I got a nearly new apartment in London Docklands, which suited me down to the ground.

It was a little like living in a bubble or having a compartment that I could unlock, go in, do what I wanted then come out and lock up until I needed it again.

In my more macabre moods I would liken it to being a serial killer in that I would go some time without chatting, but then would get the urge and, although I had promised myself I wouldn't I would find myself back in that compartment with my hand in my knickers.

It was not all Bruce's fault for I can be a fairly powerful and demanding woman and I came down heavily on him when he was unfaithful or was being a bastard to me.

As it turned out, I learned during the divorce proceedings he had been unfaithful to me throughout the marriage. The last couple of years of our marriage had been pretty shitty.

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