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The Croats speak Croatian, a South Slavic language of the Indo-European family. It has thirty letters, each of which is pronounced and has a distinct sound.

The Croatian language has German ( šarafenziger ), Hungarian ( čizme ), Italian ( pršut, lancun ) and Turkish ( šečer, jastuk ) words. The cultures that influenced Croatian folk culture through the centuries are Hungarian, Austrian, Venetian, Balkan, ancient Croatian, ancient Mediterranean, and Turkish.

Canada's foreign office said it was "working closely with local officials to gather more information and are providing consular assistance to the family and friends as required".

A friend of Mr Edmonds said he had been "so happy to go and to be a part of his best friends' wedding" in Costa Rica.

In 1990–91, the Serb minority in certain parts of Croatia launched a rebellion against the democratically elected government of Croatia. Shaped like a boomerang, Croatia is located in southeastern Europe, across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.

It has an area of 21,829 square miles (56,538 square kilometers), which is about the size of West Virginia.

Common Croatian terms include dobar dan (good day), kako ste? Traditional Croatian folk culture is manifested in dances, songs, holiday traditions, folktales, and other forms.

The Canadian chief coroner's office said it was performing a second autopsy at the request of Mr Edmonds' family.

Costa Rican authorities performed an autopsy on his body before it was flown back to Canada.

"They took his heart and brain out," Ms Hewitt told Canadian radio station 570 News.

"They put [part of] his heart back in, but they did not put his brain back.” She told broadcaster Global News: "I have to lay him to rest and I know he's not whole.

I know I have to live with that, but that's going to haunt me." She added her son's body was severely bruised and he appeared to have suffered a damaged nose.

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