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These procedures apply to both federal and private student loans and exist outside the traditional bankruptcy process.Congress made federal student loans ineligible for discharge to ensure the solvency of the federal loan program.Supporters of bankruptcy reform also argue that as long as student loans are nondischargeable, lenders have no incentive to responsibly underwrite them.In fact, they are able to profit continuously off of just interest and fees .Before it was discontinued, the HEAL Program insured loans made by participating lenders to eligible graduate students in schools of medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry, public health, pharmacy, chiropractic, or in programs in health administration and clinical psychology.ED is responsible for managing the servicing of nondefaulted HEAL Program loans and the collection of defaulted HEAL Program loans that remain.Currently, student loans cannot be discharged through traditional bankruptcy proceedings.Regardless of your income status or how far you might be behind on your loan payments, the fact is that discharging your student loans through bankruptcy, at this time, is not an option.

Learn more about the differences between federal and private student loans. How much money can I borrow in federal student loans? What should I consider when taking out federal student loans? You should not be afraid to take out federal student loans, but you should be smart about it.Borrowers who have HEAL Program loans and members of the community may obtain more information as outlined below.While you are able to declare bankruptcy to eliminate many types of debts, student loans remain one of the few exceptions.However, those that favor of reforms argue that the student loan crisis has reached such a degree that bankruptcy options should be adjusted accordingly to combat this worsening trend.They also argue that the cost of education and the general employment landscape have changed significantly and should be factored in as well.

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