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She explains how her mother would have had to work for one month in Latvia to be able to afford a pair of school shoes.

Laura's mother made the decision to pack up her family; she came here without a word of English, determined to seek a better life for them. She laughs when I say that I can hardly believe she could ever have struggled to communicate. "People think I'm Irish, and then, when they see the spelling of my last name it's like, 'What? All of these women are warm and funny and determined to work hard and make the best of being in Ireland.

You should have seen them on the first few photo shoots - they literally had to make physical expressions on their faces to show me what they wanted. If people are rude, they will be rude in general, but no, never because I'm from somewhere else. I remember coming back from Lithuania and my friends back there were saying, 'Ah stay here, we have lovely weather and blue skies'.

After so many years, I definitely feel more at home here than I do in Lithuania. I don't even know how to deal with people in Lithuania; it's just very different. I remember saying, 'Listen, I rather people who are smiling than blue skies'.

When time passed, I realised it's a bit rainy and it's a bit gloomy sometimes, but it's OK.

It is home for now; I don't think it's home for ever. I go there quite often, maybe two or three times a year. I think it is because the culture differences are pretty big.

For her, it's what Ireland provides in terms of opportunities.I would say that Irish people kind of prefer to hang out with Irish people.I wouldn't say that anyone is mean or anything, but that they just like to be with someone who is local. Ireland is definitely a beautiful country, and I love how multicultural it is here.Name: Irma Mali I arrived when I was 19, on my birthday. I came over for a few months and I thought, 'Oh, I might stay; I might work for a few months and then go back home'. I used to go to the shop and they used to ask me: 'Do you want a bag? It was a really difficult time - when you can't speak the language, you always feel silly.You can't understand people, and it's so difficult. I had my daughter - she's 14 now - so I had a baby on top of everything.

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