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The group was formed by du Toit, her then-partner Ninja, and producer God (formerly referred to as DJ Hi-Tek).

Die Antwoord is part of the South-African counterculture movement known as Zef. It was made freely available online and attracted international attention for their music video "Enter the Ninja".

However, soon after a year the band members separated their ways.

After that, Yolandi Visser became a band member of South African electronic band called ‘Max Normal. The band was formed by electric bass guitarist Mark Buchanan in 2001.

She has bleached her hair cutting off both sides of hair. Actually, she wanted to look change her image and she did that by bleaching hair and eyebrows.

Yolandi Visser started her music career with being a part of electronic/ hip hop band ‘The Construction Corporation’. They released their first album titled ‘The Ziggurat’ in 2003.

Her full biography is available on Wikipedia as well as on IMDb.

Throwing some lights toward her personal life, popular singer and actress Yolandi Visser’s currently dating talented South African rapper, Watkin Tudor Jones Jr.

They doesn’t seem to be ending their relation in the future as well.31 years old Yolandi Visser is a gorgeous lady who has impressed all people with her amazing singing and acting talent. Beautiful singer, Yolandi has fascinating blue colored eyes.

Most distinctive part of Yolandi is her hair style.

her longtime boyfriend Watkin Jones is popularly known as Ninja. In the year 2006, Yolandi Visser announced that she was pregnant. Yolandi and Ninja have never got married; but still they really love each other.

Yolandi and Ninja’s love story started when she moved down to Cape Town in 2003. Lovely singer Yolandi Visser still shares same love and companion with her longtime boyfriend Ninja.

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