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Each lawsuit will be tried individually and the first trial is set for February 2018 in Los Angeles Federal Court.KTLA, virtual channel 5 (UHF digital channel 31), is a CW-affiliated television station located in Los Angeles, California, United States.Mark Suzomoto, a corporate attorney for Nutri Bullet, told FOX 11 that the blender can heat up due to friction, but said it is 'physically impossible' for it to heat enough to burst after just 15 to 20 seconds of use.But to that Rochen said: 'It's hard to believe that there were this many people that used the blender in error that resulted in this catastrophic loss.'He also says that his firm is not the only one representing victims and there are many more out there who have filed a suit against the company.'This product really has no safety features at all,' Rochen said.His firm even conducted a test that demonstrated the blender exploding under pressure in a video.Juicing bananas, kiwi and pineapple actually lowered blood sugar over fruit, research has shown.A daily diet of smoothies has been found to help couples start a family, it was revealed in July.

He told Daily Mail Online: 'The injuries are all severe in that they were preventable.'The injuries suffered fall into two categories - either fairly significant lacerations or second degree burns on people's body, and a few have suffered both.'The most recent person to seek ACTS law firm's representation is the mother of Latina superstar Jenni Rivera.Now at least 22 people from around the country have come forward to sue the company who is denying the claims and citing improper use by the costumers.Nutri Bullets come in different models ranging from to 0 with different wattages and rotations per minute.And research has shown that blending with Nutri Bullet prevents blood sugar levels from rising, which can prevent health conditions including diabetes.The company is marketed as 'the world's first nutrient extractor' and dubs itself as 'a health revolution that has transformed millions of lives,' due to its compact size and easy assembly.

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